State by State Landlord-Tenant Laws Governing Rentals
We do not represent these files to be the latest laws or to be a complete copy. Many states provide the complete Landlord/Tenant Law in one document which we have provided when available.

When not provided by the state we have searched for the most complete document explaining that state's laws (see notes below). To our knowledge these were the most recent laws when we created this list in August 2016. We offer these as a service and do not guarantee their accuracy.

Neither do we recommend these files to be used to solve a legal problem. There are various helps on the internet when that is needed. As always, you may need to contact an attorney specializing in rental law.

We DO present this information for the purpose of learning about the laws of your state to help you be a better landlord. As landlords we need to comply with the state laws covering the rental process.

Because of the large number of apartment rentals many of the laws make specific application to apartments. However the majority of the laws apply to rent houses as well.

If you are aware of an updated state law that is not included here, or any errors included here, please contact us.

Most of the state laws came from the various websites of the state governments. However, several states did not have a clear single act but relied on various laws to cover rentals. We did find the necessary information for the following states from the sources given here.
Utah source:
Arkansas - source:
Oregon - source:
Colorado source:
Maine summary by
Nebraska source: Nebraska Legal Aid Society
New Hampshire - source:
New Jersey source: Legal Services of New Jersey

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