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Question: What do you say to a renter that is late on their rent?
Answer: “Hi, I was calling to check on this month’s rent.” (Then be quiet and let
them respond.) Or if they text, then text them and say: “Just checking on the
rent”. Either way is very effective.

Question: Should I run a credit check on my prospective tenant?
If you have an inexpensive way to do so, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. However some good renters are renters because their credit is not good enough to buy a home. In that case, their history as a renter is very helpful. I also like a good history on their car payments. Housing and car payments are usually a top priority for everyone.

Question: Isn’t an oral agreement legal?
Answer: In most states it is. You need to check your state laws. You can’t have an oral agreement (or written agreement) that disagrees with state law. For example, in many states, there is a limit on how large the deposit can be. Getting the tenant to agree on extra-large deposit doesn’t make it legal. Putting it in writing is always the best practice.

Question: Is this page finished yet?
Answer: No, it is still under construction. Check back soon.